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AWS Device Farm will also have support for iOS devices

Image: Amazon

As we mentioned earlier this month, Amazon launched a series of cloud-based and developer-oriented services. Among those services is AWS Device Farm, which makes developers available to a series of real mobile devices under Android and Fire OS so that they can test the performance of their applications and obtain the results of them.

The fact that no iOS device was present was surprising, considering that AWS Device Farm has been developed by the team behind AppThwack, a testing service for mobile applications on real Android and iOS devices, whose final closure is scheduled for next September 1st.

Well, today Amazon announces that from August 4, AWS Device Farm will also support iOS devices, so that developers of iOS applications, both for phones and tablets, will also be able to carry out their tests. According to the announcement, support will also be included for the following test automation frameworks: Appium, Calabash, UI Automation, and XCTest, the first two being cross-platform frameworks.

In this way, developers can test the same code for Android, iOS and FireOS.