BackTweets Pro - the Twitter "analytics" of BackType

BackTweets Pro – the Twitter “analytics” of BackType

Who was going to tell us a few years ago that a simple idea was going to become a mass phenomenon to the point of giving importance to what is published in this tool. BackType, a popular comment tracking tool on social platforms, launches BackTweets Pro, a new Tweets monitoring service focused mainly on content publishers and brand owners. From the outset, the capabilities of each user account will depend on the type of pricing chosen, having a fairly limited free version, although the payment solutions allow, among other things, to save the URLs published by the associated Twitter accounts during the last two years, graphs, integration with Google Analytics and scope of statistics. In addition, all accounts have email alerts when referring to a post from a defined website and ranking of users by their level of influence. Those users who choose the paid version will have to pay $ 100 per month to be able to access all the features of this tool, something that will undoubtedly mark the type of profile to whom it is directed. BackTweets Pro already has 30 billion analyzed tweets to its credit. Goes: Mashable