balloon, a practical way to receive files in our Dropbox

Although Dropbox announced the possibility of requesting files from people who are not users of its service a few weeks ago, the interface may not be as intuitive as many need, which is why alternatives continue to emerge.

Today we present, an application in which we only have to create an account and associate it with a directory of our Dropbox. When someone enters the url of a profile (in tennis url of the creator of the project) see a balloon in the middle of the screen. We will only have to drag files to that balloon so that the material is automatically sent to the dropbox of the account owner, without the need to identify yourself or create accounts of any kind.

Of course, to create our profile it is necessary to accept Dropbox access, since the files are copied automatically.

By having a public url, anyone with access to it can send files, so keep in mind that it is possible for someone to send content that may threaten the health of our PC. As there is no identification of any kind, it is impossible to know who is the sender of the material sent.

Practical and simple, but certainly dangerous.