BBM begins to allow sending and receiving money by PayPal within chats

One of the pillars of BlackBerry is the security of its mobile communication system, BBM, something particularly useful when trying to offer solutions for monetary transactions between users through something as simple as a chat message.

Of course, it is not something new and other apps on the market are already working on the subject eg, Snapchat with its Snapcash system-, but once again, the good reputation of BlackBerry Messenger in the protection of communications is a detail that not many applications enjoy.

Well, after doing some tests in Indonesia with instant money transfers within BBM, that is, through credit card payments and a tool called BBM Money, now BlackBerry is targeting more users by implementing a globally popular payment platform: PayPal.

This is how PayPal payments look inside BBM

It is enough to connect the PayPal account to the BBM profile, and with the contacts that do the same (family and friends, especially) it is possible to start sending and receiving money through said payment platform. Initially, the service only works in Canada, it is presented in Beta version and works on both Android and iOS.

The configuration and synchronization between accounts, that of BBM and that of PayPal, will be carried out a single time, and then it will be enough to click on the PayPal icon in a BBM chat window, write the amount to transfer, review the details and proceed with the payment. You don't even need to have the PayPal app installed.

More information: Official BlackBerry blog