Beme iOS - Casey Neistat

Beme, app for iOS that aims to put aside falsehood on social networks

Beme is a new app for iOS devices developed by Casey Neistat (film director with more than 835,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel) and his team that aims to become the ideal tool for sharing videos, leaving aside the prevailing falsehood on social networks. That is why at Beme we will not be able to use any type of filter to improve our appearance or check how we are in a video, since we will not even be able to see it.

In general, the operation of the application promises to be really simple. As we anticipated, the idea is that users can share different moments of their lives in video in a sincere way. In addition, another of Beme's objectives is that we stop seeing the world through a screen. For this reason, Beme has been designed so that we can share content without having to look at the screen of our smartphone at any time. In fact, the only way to record a video is by tapping it. To do this, we can share videos by bringing the terminal closer to the chest to start recording and, once finished, it will automatically upload to our Beme profile. As in any social app, from Beme we will be able to follow other users and be aware of their news. That s, it is important to note that every time we see a video it will disappear forever. Unlike most social networks, Beme does not have any button to indicate that you like something. In stead of, the app allows you to share your reaction to a specific video by tapping on the screen to take a photo with the front camera. In addition, users can see all the reactions received from the application itself.

You can download Beme completely free of charge through the App Store. Even so, it is necessary to have a code to start using the app. The idea is to prevent users from registering in the app without knowing friends or family in Beme, since in this way, they will lose interest. For now, the only way to get a code is by meeting someone who is already in Beme. Casey himself offer access codes on his YouTube channel.

Next, we leave you with the presentation video of the app: