Comandos de Amazon Alexa

Best commands to use on Amazon Alexa

The Amazon voice assistant stores a lot of tricks that allow us to access it more quickly and easily. With just a few simple voice commands we can keep abreast of news trivia, information, video and song playback and much more.

So to make your day to day with Amazon Alexa more productive, we will focus on showing the best voice commands that we can use on an Echo speaker. Here are the most outstanding in different aspects.

Information commands

When it comes to consulting any type of information, these are some commands that may be useful to you. Don't forget that you can ask almost anything, so do not be afraid to proceed to ask the questions:

– Alexa, is it going to rain tomorrow? – Alexa, what time is it in Valencia? – Alexa, who is the current president of Spain? – Alexa, what time does Real Madrid play? – Alexa, what is the coronavirus?

News commands

Alexa can guide you in the same way in the news area, whatever type they are. In this way, to keep you informed, the only thing you should ask is:

– Alexa, bring me up to date with the news. – Alexa, tell me about the climate situation in Spain. – Alexa, update me on the presidential elections. – Alexa, what happened yesterday in the Congress of Deputies?

Commands for tuning music

Through Alexa you can also listen your favorite music, podcasts, audiobooks and radio shows using an Echo smart speaker, and the commands you can use are as follows:

– Alexa, turn on the radio.– Alexa, Play Over Now by Calvin Harris.– Alexa, play music and noises to sleep.– Alexa, turn the volume down / up.– Alexa, What song is playing right now?

Commands on culture

These commands are perfect for getting historical information quickly and easily, not to mention that in the same way you can even translate words and sentences just by making the request out loud to the assistant.

– Alexa, who were the first people to reach the top of Mount Everest? – Alexa, how do you say please in Chinese? – Alexa, how did the War of Independence of the United States end? – Alexa, who was the creator of Coca Cola? – Alexa, How many glaciers are left in the world?

Alternative commands

These specific alternative commands can come in handy at any time and it is worth keeping them in mind.

– Alexa, delete everything I've said in the last week. – Alexa, please be quiet. – Alexa, speak louder. – Alexa, flip a coin. – Alexa, roll a dice. – Alexa, turn off the music.

The good thing about these commands and functions that Alexa contains is that they are constantly updated to offer the best user experience. With this, we are likely to update the article later.