Between Creation - social network for visual artists

Between Creation – social network for visual artists

Visual artists have at their disposal a sufficient number of online platforms where they can post and share their galleries of work, being Between Creation the latest social platform in this regard. To be part of this social network, you can simply register in the traditional way or through your Twitter accounts. Once they have their accounts, they can start describing themselves in their profiles, look for other artists to follow, and invite their friends to be part of this social network. Between Creation joins the trend of asymmetric user tracking, so that any user can follow the activities of another and vice versa completely independently. Users can discover other users of the platform through the different time filters between the newest, the most popular and the most active, and in their accounts they will have a stream where all the activities of the users will be reflected to the users. that they follow, including themselves, where they can also interact directly, depending on the activity shown in each case. Finally and most importantly, users can generate and update their work albums by uploading their own images, which can be commented on, shared and added to favorites by other users, either in the images themselves or from the stream itself, and they can even publish their events, creating their respective pages where other users can confirm their attendance, in addition to leaving their comments. In short, Between Creation is a platform with a simple and practical interface where graphic artists can exhibit their work and follow other artists. For now, we can see that most of the works presented are photographs and paintings. Unfortunately, the platform does not have private messages or other forms of contact, unless the artists themselves indicate their forms of contact in their profiles. In addition, it is also missing that artists can define the techniques used in their works. Link: Between Creation | Goes