Tweets de un chiste eliminados por cuestión de derechos de autor.

Beware of stolen jokes on Twitter as they could be removed

Attention, Twitter users. They share in The Verge a story that gives hope to those who invent jokes and share them on the social network but who helplessly see how some other users immediately copy and publish them without any reference: Jokes are also treated as intellectual property within Twitter and there may be infringements for violating it.

Olga Lexel, a writer freelance American, posted a funny comment on Twitter which was copied by multiple accounts, essentially SPAM, that follow his profile there; As is often the case, many of those accounts did not even bother to keep references to their author.

Well, alleging a violation of his intellectual property by copying without permission, Olga Lexel was in charge of reporting it enriching the claim with the fact that she makes a living by writing these kinds of jokes and that they were copying her without permission; Twitter agreed and proceeded to block several of the tweets that plagiarized him.

Tweets of a joke removed due to copyright.

The screenshot that accompanies this article shows what now appears in the place of such copies: This tweet from @xxxxx has been withheld in response to a report by the copyright holder. That is, it is noted that this is not new, in fact, the author says that she has already sent such reports on multiple occasions and the people of Twitter proceed with the revision and blocking of the aforementioned tweets.

So, the interesting thing about the story is that not only photos, videos and other materials in usual formats are trying to protect copyright on Twitter, so you can use the respective claim form on this official page if you have also felt your intellectual property violated, including jokes, within the social network; Maybe your request is effective.