Math Solver, entre las nuevas caracterí­sticas de Bing

Bing debuts new features, including solving equations from photos

Math solver, among the new features of Bing

Now that a new school term begins, Bing, the Microsoft search engine, brings a series of new features that most of them will surely be of great use to many students.

And is that Bing is expanding its visual search function, Visual Search, launched in June, with the incorporation of text transcripts and solving mathematical problems from photos taken with the mobile phone, as well as updates in the dialog box and the new educational capabilities with the incorporation of interactive sections in mathematics, science and languages, including language by being American.

To all this is added the incorporating contextually specific responses for NFL supporters, the National Football League. Perhaps of the novelties presented, the ones that may most attract our attention is the ability to transcribe texts and to solve mathematical problems based on photographs.

About the first, Microsoft tells us on its blog that this feature coming to iOS in the next few weeks to allow users to convert text they have photographed on any medium in a text that they can copy and paste, and even allow them to browse the web if it is a URL, call a phone number if it is a phone number, even add a new contact if it is an email address, as exemplified by the company.

And on the second, released last month on iOS and coming soon to Android, allow users solve mathematical equations, obtaining all the steps to follow and related videos that are available on the web to expand knowledge. You just have to take the photo to the mathematical equation and press the Math button.

With this, students in particular who choose Bing now have more tools for their daily learning, although all these features are open to all users in general.