Bitrabajo, online market for mini-jobs at 6 euros

Young entrepreneurs Nacho and Marc contact Wwwhatsnew to introduce us to Bitrabajo, an online market where we can buy or contract all kinds of jobs at a fixed price of 6 euros.

And I say all kinds because in Bitrabajo we can find all kinds of ads from professionals and individuals that offer services such as text translation, photo editing, personalized gifts, original congratulations, stories, logo designs … All at a fixed price of 6 euros, Although this can increase if the client wants some extra service not specified in the offer. The products will be classified in different areas such as audio and music, design, business, online marketing, technology or video and animation, among many others. At the end of the purchase-sale, Bitrabajo allows the client to point to the contracted professional as they are more or less satisfied in relation to the contracted product and the service offered.

Thus, Bitrabajo proposes some effective solutions to face the current economic situation, such as promoting self-employed entrepreneurs and workers online while creating a huge list of original gifts and useful services, all at a good price (and the same).