Blab, an application for a group to broadcast live video

We are used to the concept of Periscope and Meerkat, applications that allow a user to broadcast live video over the Internet. Blab has a similar concept, but for groups.

The idea is to allow four people to participate in a video chat similar to the one you see in the screenshot above, forming a 4 × 4 panel. If someone wants to participate in a group video chat, they can ask their administrator, who must approve or reject the request.

Visitors can virtually applaud the participation of a specific chat member, and the administrator can decide if the content will be saved for later viewing on the site or if it will be removed at the end of the job.

From the administration section, it can be indicated that some of the participants leave and hear, something essential to prevent many from speaking at the same time, or that someone begins to say things that go beyond the main topic.

Public debates, participation in musical works in which each member plays an instrument from another part of the world, gatherings of friends … the possibilities are enormous, although it is clear that the Internet connection must be good enough to allow streaming of 4 videos at the same time without problems of any kind.

They comment in mashable that it is not possible to run it in Safari, although in Chrome there is no problem. The application can also be run from the mobile.