Blackberry Introduces Mobile Video Conferencing Solution: BBM Meetings

Blackberry Introduces Mobile Video Conferencing Solution: BBM Meetings

And if BBM Messenger wants to compete with Whatsapp in the business world, the new BBM Meetings wants to take over part of the Skype market.

It is a new solution announced by BlackBerry, an application available for android, Blackberry 10, Windows and OSX (iOS is still in development) that allows communication both by voice and video, supporting meetings of up to 25 people who can connect from different platforms.

This feature will be available within the business option and will cost $ 12.50 per month. The details, available on, show that the goal is to enable you to transform a chat meeting into a voice or video conference with a simple click, making it easy to make presentations from mobile devices or even join the meeting from a phone. permanent.

They continue betting on privacy by allowing users to be blocked or muted, always configuring the privacy of each meeting held.

The funny thing is that there is no free version available, not even limiting the number of people who participate. It is a solution that requires subscription, making it difficult to conquer users who already use Skype, Viber and other extremely used alternatives on the market.

It is smart to bet heavily on the software market when the hardware market is lost at such a high rate, but you have to do it knowing the market well, and it seems that this is not the case for BlackBerry.