Blamestella - monitor the access speed of any website

Blamestella – monitor the access speed of any website

The immediacy of access to any website is an important issue, not only to be taken into account by search engines such as Google, but also by the permanence of users in it. Therefore, we must ensure that our pages load the contents quickly, and we can do this through monitoring systems such as Blamestella. Without registration, we can enter the URL of any website, either manually or via a bookmarklet, so that you can verify the speed of loading of your contents, later showing the results that can be downloaded in YAM and JSON format. In addition, we can choose one of the pricing plans, there is a free one, where we can monitor websites, notifying us when their access is slow or does not load the contents. The free rate account allows us to monitor a single website, checking its availability every ten minutes, notifying us in the worst case via email. Payment options include a larger number of servers to monitor and alerts also via SMS text messages. A good alternative to the well-known GTMetrix.