BMW works on technology to inform us about the state of traffic lights

Image: Horia Varlan, from Flickr.

One of the most hated elements by most of the usual drivers are traffic lights, and it is that for some strange reason, when we are in a hurry all the traffic lights we find on our way are red. To avoid this situation, BMW is working on a technology capable of informing the driver in advance of the state of the approaching traffic lights..

To achieve this, the German car manufacturer relies on the technology developed by those responsible for the iOS app known as EnLighten. The purpose of this junction is to help BMW drivers avoid red lights by showing the state of the nearest traffic lights and a real-time prediction of when they will change color. For this, this technology works thanks to the link with the city traffic management system. Also, The app also analyzes the vehicle's speed and position to help drivers find out if they have enough time to cross the intersection or brake.. Given that the technology we are talking about works by linking to each city's traffic management system, Only available in select locations such as Portland, Eugene, Oregn, and Salt Lake City. Currently, it is only available to BMW drivers in Portland and Eugene, Oregon and Salt Lake City.

Source: BMW.