bnbsitter, for those who rent via Airbnb (or similar) and do not have time to manage said rental

An innovative business opening the doors to many others, that is the idea, that is what has always generated jobs, although many resist to understand it.

Today we are presented by BnbSitter, a web platform from which we can hire the services of people who will receive and fire those who rent our apartment (whether it is Airbnb or any other platform), always focused on the rental of tourist flats by individuals.

The idea is simple: if we have a good apartment and we rent it out quite frequently, surely we find ourselves with the need to have to receive clients, attend to their needs, fire them … to host, and although that may being very nice, sometimes it takes time that we don't have. BnbSitter's proposal is to offer professionals who do this job for us, charging an amount that depends on the size of the rented space.

The professionals will be in charge of receiving them, showing the atmosphere, giving tourist advice, being at the exit, checking the condition of the apartment, leaving everything well closed … we will be renting hosts, and we will do it with people who know how to do it.

The project was born in France, and now reaches Spain, first entering Barcelona, ​​where there are already 15,000 tourist flats available. The company received, in November 2014, an initial financing of 400,000 euros from various Business angels, and now they are ready to cross borders.