- Copy, edit and share any web page – Copy, edit and share any web page

The polemic is served with, a new project that allows any of its users to literally copy the content and design of any web page, delete and edit the details they deem necessary and share the result. That means that if you like an article on the web, but it has an advertising banner that you do not like or a paragraph that you do not want to transmit, you will be able, in a few seconds, to have an identical copy of the page in, with the possibility of to edit the content of any component with a menu similar to the one shown here: They ensure that the copied page loads much faster than the original, they offer click statistics service on shared links, they allow to see the activity of the user community … very practical. The idea is good, although surely the owners of many websites do not like to see how an article is copied and shared thousands of times without that representing a single visit to their page, not to mention that content protected by copyright can be cloned. or take advantage of the accuracy of the copy to deceive users by phishing. In They still have to solve these problems, although they have already published a page from where they can report content that violates the terms of use. It is in private beta, although you can request an invitation on its home page.