- A new and excellent application for those who invest in the stock market – A new and excellent application for those who invest in the stock market

Gonzalo Ruiz introduces me to, a new ideal project for those who want to be informed about the financial market and want to register their operations online., is developed within the newly founded company Bolsa Networks SL in which Jess Prez and Gonzalo Ruiz are partners, and in which more than half a million euros have been invested in total.

For quite some time, we want to make a great community of investors in the Stock Market. Thanks to the audience that we have achieved in Financial Red (more than 1 million unique users in finance topics and within the top 5 of economic media on the Internet) and the stock market analysts we have, we think we can build a great social network, that is also useful for the investor

With 2,500 users within the community, without having carried out any mass dissemination campaign to date, it has the following functions:

Ibex 35 and Continuous Market quotes: Gateway to see the market situation every day. Wall: It is a tool to manage our investments in the Stock Market. The main page of the profile is a wall, where we can see the quotes of which we are a follower, how the profitability of our portfolio is doing, if our stock market recommendations are being correct, and our position in the ranking as a recommender, the activity of the company. people we follow and their operations, messages‚Äď Portfolio management: To manage operations, view history, returns by dates, charts, etc.‚Äď Simulation of Trading on the Stock Market and Stock Market Game with prizes: To see how we operate on the stock market in a virtual way. Rankings: In the rankings we can see the people who obtain the best profitability, their operations, the best recommendations of the month, of the week, etc.

Training Channel in the Stock Market, Forums, Graphics and Information … an excellent tool, in Spanish, so as not to lose detail of this complex world.

You can read more information and screenshots in the official post or consult any type of question at @cangurorico.