Bookerly, the new Kindle Paperwhite font is now available on other models

In the middle of last June we told you about the new Kindle Paperwhite, the new electronic book reader from Amazon that, in addition to incorporating a screen with higher resolution and a series of new features, released a font called Bookerly, designed exclusively to improve the reading experience on this type of screen and avoiding eye strain. Until now, Bookerly was a font reserved for owners of the new Kindle Paperwhite, but Amazon has just released a software update for several of its Kindle in which, in addition to new features, it includes this new font.

First of all, it's important to note that the update is available for download on the Kindle Voyage, Seventh Generation Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite (Seventh and Sixth Generation). We talk specifically about the software update 5.6.5, which you can download both from the Amazon support page and from the device to be updated. If we focus on the improvements incorporated in this new version, Holders of a Kindle Voyage, Seventh Generation Kindle and Sixth Generation Kindle Paperwhite will now enjoy Bookerly (Until now it was only available in the latest Kindle Paperwhite), which will replace Caecilia as a source. In addition to this, version 5.6.5 incorporates another series of improvements that will be of interest to owners of the Kindle with which it is compatible. We highlight the Smart Search function that we told you about last June, which makes it easier to underline text, create notes and share quotes. Also, It includes a new typographic design that improves character spacing, justification, kerning, ligatures between words, etc..

If your Kindle is connected to the Internet, the update will download automatically as soon as it is available. Otherwise, you can download it directly through the Amazon support page.

Source: The eBook Reader.