bookicious, books recommended by great executives of the moment

There are many book recommendation sites on the Internet, and most of them work the same way: we indicate what we like and an algorithm decides our next title.

The website that we present today does not have the same philosophy. This is bookicious, a website where we can browse the books that different characters of today have recommended at some point in their lives.

There we can find Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Jack Dorsey, Jeff Bezos … we just have to click on the image of the person we admire the most and we will see a list of the books they have recommended , from novels to autobiographies, through the classics How to be an entrepreneur and not die trying.

Each book points to the corresponding page on Amazon, with no other options, no menus, no registration forms.

This is a project by 18-year-old Mauro Sicard, who updates the content once a week while offering the possibility for readers to submit their own collection.

Original, without a doubt, although personally I miss some reference so that it can be verified that they are indeed books recommended by the indicated characters.

Update: Mauro tells us that they have already added the source in these books.