spot con brazos

Boston Dynamics dogs will now have arms

Boston Dynamics has brought the world of robotics closer to the general public thanks to the robots that go viral on YouTube. From the bouncers to the strongmen, the ones that attract the most attention are the robot dogs.

They manage to open doors, carry out surveillance tasks on the streets and, now, they will have extra arms to carry out many other activities.

That’s right, Boston Dynamics is getting ready to start selling a full line of accessories for its Spot robot, and it’s not just arms, there are also camera kits.

The arm in question attaches to the head, as shown in the image above, and can be a good accessory for those who bought the robot for the $ 75,000 it costs.

In the videos that were published in 2018 we already saw that with an arm like that he could open doors, even if a human prevented him. Now the arm in question will reach the public in 2021, with six degrees of freedom and movement synchronized to the robot.

The company indicates that there is much more to the arm than just hardware. It will ship with an intuitive user interface and be equipped to operate via remote manipulation and autonomous behaviors monitored via the tablet.

Boston Dynamics also plans to launch a Spot robot designed for business applications, which will include an automatic charging dock.

We will continue to pay attention to Spot, since something tells us that we will start to see it very frequently in our cities.