Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics’ new robot dog arm can do all of these things

Boston Dynamics, the well-known company specialized in robotics, now in the hands of Hyundai, will not stop surprising us. Fulfilling the promise, made months ago, of integrate a robotic arm, Spot Arm, to its well-known Spot robot dog model, the company has published this week, on its YouTube channel, the new capabilities that have just arrived at Spot thanks to its new robotic arm.

First of all, we must bear in mind that, sooner or later, we will have to live with robots, and that Boston Dynamics shows with its new video that robots can fulfill functions that may not be liked by people .

Spot as the helper who doesn’t complain about his homework

As we can see in the video, Spot can now pick up dirty clothes from the floor and put them in a basket to take with him.

But also, he is able to take a small shovel with which to make holes in the middle of the mountain to later plant new trees. This is a positive aspect, and it could lead to the availability of an army of robots in the future that will allow the reforestation of those areas where it is necessary.

And just like he is able to pick up dirty laundry from the floor, he can also pick up waste from other placesespecially in public places. Spot also dares to move bricks, and even to write text with chalk on the ground almost to perfection.

If that was not enough, it is also capable of opening doors, activating industrial switches, opening valves, and even in video there comes a time when several Spot robots from the company they come to play rope, as you read, although the lack of a face makes it impossible to see their states of happiness.

Obviously, to do all these functions, Spot has a new API that allows the coordination of the arm with the cameras and integrated legs, also allowing manual control or activation of pre-programmed tasks.

It should also be pointed out that at the end of the arm there is a kind of hand with which to pick up objects, which also helps a lot. We do not know how far the evolution of the Boston Dynamics models will go, so we will have to wait for surprising new videos to be published.

Then we leave you with the video:

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