Boston Dynamics robot dog finds his first job

Boston Dynamics robot dog finds his first job

Spot, el perro robot, haciendo twerking.

We have been used to Boston Dynamics robots for a while now. The company has advanced so much in the field of robotics that they do not stop raising the fears and passions that a hypothetical robot uprising would provoke. But far from experiencing a sequel to Terminator, we delight in, for example,Spot, the Boston Dynamics robot dog.Yes, the robot dog that twerked and opened doors.

This adorable dog, far from being practically an Internet meme, proved to have more than potential for a multitude of tasks. He stood alone, was able to open doors, and has been shown to be useful enough to intervene in police raids. Now Spot has “found” work, where he can show his best abilities.

Norwegian team Aker BP, a Norwegian oil rig, has announced plans to put the quad-robot to the test to see how these machines can help its operations. Especially in the high seas, the situation in which they want Spot to serve as a security reinforcement.

The robot dog that has found a job

Spot, the Boston Dynamics robot dog Aker BP

Boston Dynamics already released these robots for sale in September of last year, and there are already companies like Aker BP that are keeping an eye on these machines, looking for a future of automation. The oil platform will not only test Spot; use another series of robots and drones, in the Norwegian Sea at the end of the year. They will serve offshore security inspection tasks.

Focusing on Spot, Aker wants the device to use its system of cameras and sensors that make up its obstacle-tracking capability to detect and respond to gas leaks as quickly as possible. We are talking about the high seas, and such a failure could be absolutely critical to the survival of the platform. Because the robot can be controlled remotely, it could be used to grant remote presence in these seas.

The firm is testing these skills in simulated oil and gas environments. They are optimistic; They claim that the robot was able to reach complicated places that humans cannot access, reducing the risks for its workers and exponentially increasing the overall safety of its platforms.

As Aker BP CEO Karl Johnny Hersvik explains: “Our vision is to digitize our operations from start to finish to increase productivity and improve the quality and safety of our employees’ work. To explore the potential of high-end robotics. sea ​​underpins our digital journey. “

The more popularity these robots gain, the more we will see them in other companies. This class of robots have proven to be more than capable of solving risky tasks that may cause safety problems for human users.