Boston Dynamics robots do a dance choreography that will leave you open-mouthed

Boston Dynamics robots do a dance choreography that will leave you open-mouthed

Ending the year with the Boston Dynamics robots dancing is a small gift that we can give ourselves in this 2020 marked by the pandemic.

We already know that Boston Dynamics has accomplished incredible feats with its team of robots, and dancing seems to be off the to-do list. Yes, of course, what can be unique about a robot dance? Watch the video and then tell me.

Boston Dynamics robots dancing

We have already seen the Boston Dynamics robots do parkour, overcome obstacle courses, do cartwheels, open doors, wash dishes, among many other activities. And now they add a new skill to their resume: dancing.

And we are not talking about moving to the beat of the music in a clumsy way, but about becoming the true kings of the track. Watch the video and see how they reproduce a dance choreography to the rhythm of Do You Love Me ?, The Contours:

At the beginning of the video you see the two Atlas robots and then one of the favorites is added, Spot, the robot dog. And to finish this team of dancing robots, the two-wheeled robot appears.

While it is not the first time that we have seen some of the Boston Dynamics robots doing dance steps, we cannot deny that the coordination and balance in this choreography is impeccable in an incredible combination of movements. Yes, you are probably thinking it is a CGI creation, but Elon Musk anticipated your question on his Twitter account.

Beyond the fun, and perhaps even chilling that video can be to us, it shows the great strides that Boston Dynamics has made in recent years with its team of robots. Let’s remember that Boston Dynamics is now part of Hyundai Motor, after passing through Softbank and Google.