Botkit, open source development environment to create bots for Slack

Slack is becoming in its own right the most popular service for communications between members of the same team or organization. And it is that all the initiatives they are carrying out in recent times aim to increase the difference in their service compared to those of their rivals.

Just yesterday, Slack launched a directory to facilitate the search for third-party applications that can connect to its platform, allowing members of different teams or organizations to have those compatible third-party applications that they need according to their workflows. .

It also happens that they will also have the possibility of having automated tasks through the bots they can create, having for this the emerging company, which has its development environment under open code called Botkit, available under MIT license and focused on the creation and personalization of the bots themselves in a simple way.Ben Brown, co-founder and CEO of, noted in an interview with VentureBeat that they have a dream that they also share with Slack that there are thousands of bots operating in different ways, in which people will have their own bot armies.

With this, Slack will gain in versatility and flexibility adapting to the needs of each team, not only through third-party applications but also with bots that they or others can create and customize in a short time without the need to use thousands of lines code, whose possibilities of use are exposed in a documentation where they will show developers the capabilities, that is, the automated tasks that they can add to their own bots.