- promoting things using shortened links – promoting things using shortened links

With the rise of Twitter and other microblogging tools, due to their limitations when establishing status messages, a multitude of services for shortening long web addresses have appeared to offer us short addresses that we can integrate into said messages. of State. Basically these services are lifelong web address redirectors with the difference that now, being oriented to microblogging networks, they use a different URL format. In any case, with the already established custom of this type of service, we can take advantage of its use to promote other types of things that we want to reach people, And it is that gives us this function. Basically, with we will toast a personalized page where we will show the message that we want to promoteEither an act of charity, an event or whatever comes to mind. This page that we will generate, will be the one seen by users who click on our links for 5 seconds before redirecting them to the original web. It also has social functions, where we can have followers and follow other users, and also allows us to look at our activity in which we can access the statistical data of the shortened links generated by us. He gives us some examples of elements that we can promote, and if in addition, if among these elements are our brands, we can claim them as a business or organization. For now, access to this service is by invitation.