breakoutroom, a practical way to do webinars transmitting our screen

If we want to make a presentation to a specific audience on the Internet, sharing our screen and showing what has been recorded with the webcam, breakoutroom offers a practical and effective solution that we cannot lose sight of.

It is a platform that allows the presenter to start a video chat session with the option to share the screen. Each session can be disclosed using a unique URL, so that visitors, the audience, do not need to install anything, they only have to access the link to be able to see the content and actively participate in the presentation.

The presenter will, of course, have to install a plugin in the browser so that what is on the screen can be captured and issued via the indicated url, an extension that will be installed after the registration is made (the google account can also be used).

Once the video chat session has started, the participants will be able to talk and ask questions, as you can see in the screenshot above, having a communication section available at all times in the right menu.

The advantage of this solution is that you don't need the audience to install anything, you just have to use the browser, thus helping to carry out quick support of any kind, showing customers how an action should be performed and allowing them to answer questions at the same time.