BT Cortana Button, button that allows remote use of Cortana on Windows 10 devices

In order to facilitate access to Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant, and to indicate the necessary commands, since Satechi they have designed a physical button, which will be on sale at the end of August at a price of $ 22.99 on their website and on, through which users can interact with Cortana remotely, establishing a connection with devices under Windows 10 via bluetooth, whether on phones, tablets or computers.

Imagine that a user is in his own car. With this button housed on the steering wheel by its sticker and connected to your smart phone under Windows 10, kept in a safe place, you can set voice commands to send messages, know the traffic status, know the weather forecast, activate playback of music and much more without having to waste a single second to pick up your device and set voice commands directly to it.

In this sense, as Satechi has pointed out in his announcement, this button is designed to be a kind of hands-free, having the necessary elements for its inclusion wherever it will be necessary, even on the steering wheels of automobiles or in the bicycle handlebars, among others.

The increase in the possibilities of the button will be linked to the increase in possibilities that the Microsoft virtual assistant will allow in the future, so that the time will come when it will also be possible to activate the heating, to lock the locks, as well as other domestic functions.

The button features a long-lasting CR2016 battery that, according to the company, can last up to two years.