Buffer already allows us to share videos on social networks

Many people work with Buffer In its day to day, publishing and programming content on different social networks from a single platform, transforming this tool into an excellent alternative to avoid having to repeat the work of updating the profiles and allowing the consultation of statistics to know what publications they have had. more effect among our followers.

What they present now is what many have asked for for a long time: the possibility of publishing video from there, something that will save a lot of time, since we will only have to upload the video once, in Buffer, and let him publish it on Facebook , Twitter, Google Plus and other social networks with which it integrates.

It is possible to upload files in mp4, mov or avi formats with sizes that can be up to 1 gigabyte, later specifying the destination of the publication. When you finish uploading, offer some thumbnails so that you can choose which one we will use to present the material.

In the press release they also explain the reason why video is so important in social networks: on Facebook it has more and more visibility, and users are transforming this social network into their own YouTube.

In this video they explain what to do, although regular users and Buffer will not find many problems: