Building a homemade device with Arduino to show the rhythm of the music

Surely on more than one occasion you will have seen the typical screens that show a visual representation of the rhythm of the music being played. This time we talk about Piccolo, an Arduino-based project that combines an interest in electronics and a love of music. Thanks to the instructions below, you can build your own unit and visualize the spectrum of music frequencies in a simple way.

To make this curious homemade device, just it is necessary to assemble an Arduino board, an amplifier with a microphone, an LED matrix and a series of additional pieces. In addition, we will also need to make use of the project source code, available in its entirety on GitHub. Once we have made our own unit (you can find the full instructions on the Adafruit website), Piccolo works in the simplest way: you just have to place it near a sound source and we can see how the lights begin to move to the rhythm of the music.

Without a doubt, it is an interesting project that all electronic fans will enjoy. Below, we leave you a short video of the project in which Piccolo's operation is shown once completed:

Source: | Lifehacker.