robot puzzle

Building robots with puzzles

ActivePuzzle is presented in kickstarter as a game to build robots from puzzles, without the need to program or access screens.

We only have to join pieces to create robots, although we must bear in mind that each piece has a different function, that is.

One of the pieces, for example, is the one that stores the energy and supplies it to the robot (the battery, go), another is a proximity sensor so that the robot can see what is in front of it, another is a humidity sensor, another temperature … the options are very numerous.

Not having a central processing unit, the work is done sequentially: the input blocks activate the adjacent output blocks, and the electronic value is optionally manipulated by logic blocks.

We can make everything from a smart fan robot using a proximity sensor, a motor and lights, to a police car with flashing lights and parts that make sounds often controlled by a potentiometer.

Following the model that we have already seen in other similar projects, such as the Scratch program, without going any further, Activepuzzle aims to help children have more interest in the world of programming, and nothing better than doing it while creating toys.

The game has already managed to multiply by five what they ask for in kickstarter, and they will sell it for about $ 150 when it comes to market. At the moment you can buy for about $ 120 on the same platform.