BuiltWith - To know the technologies used of a website

BuiltWith – To know the technologies used of a website

Few things in life can be hidden or have access to them because on several occasions we do not have the necessary tools to know data that we would like to have at our disposal or we do not have the purchasing power to possess the latest generation technology due to its high costs. One of those applications that can help us obtain information on what technology the websites or blogs that we most frequent use is BuiltWith, which since July 2007, based in Silicon Beach, Manly, Australia, has provided its valuable contribution in a way. free and now with a family of applications that contain a wide range of important information. Some of the information it shows us is divided by section such as Frameworks, Detailed File Information, Site CMS, Encoding, Server Information, Advertising, Widgets, Analysis and Tracking, Content provided by other social networks like other aspects of great magnitude. As you can see, the information that this tool provides is extensive, it can be used to mark types of trends that currently occupy the different websites that we know to make profitable or, failing that, promote themselves, they could also carry out a market study on the different technologies that occupy a certain line of web pages. We can also find it as a browser extension which will allow that once we have it installed and activated with a double click, let us review all these data of the page that we have loaded at that moment, through a pop-up window that provides the previously detailed information. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčall this is to help users who work developing websites to know the tools that are being adopted the most by the majority of their own colleagues. Sharing knowledge leads to standards for these areas and best practice of future trends as new technologies emerge. This helps the new generations who want to venture into these environments, because they have a faster and broader development in view that they have references of what is used today in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtechnology, in this way allowing them to succeed in their careers for these benefits with those that initially the cloud did not count.