Bumpho - Find and share the best of the Internet

Bumpho – Find and share the best of the Internet

Angel Zaragoza introduces me to bumpho, a tool to find, save and publish the preferred results of our internet searches on social networks.

Very useful as an instrument of Social Media Marketing to generate specialized quality content and distribute it on social networks.

We can use your search engine to find any type of content on the web, using the Save button to create our bumphos and share them in various ways.

In bumpholibros.com they have made an adaptation to the publishing sector, where we can create groups of links and data related to the world of literature

The idea is to develop it in other markets (travel, cinemas, series …), since the results are provided by Google and Twitter, where the topics are unlimited.

In addition to being able to use it to meet people who have saved similar content, we can also use it as a price comparison.

[…] In the shopping category you can compare availability, prices and consult offers between various online stores quickly and easily. The purchase decision is also shared with friends.

In the case of Bumpholibros, publishing companies are also offered a Social Media Marketing mechanism to publicize and promote their products by generating content (reviews, articles, interviews, videos, photographs, events) and making it accessible to the user through different interconnected social tools.

A project that has just been born in its beta version and to which we will have to pay attention during the next few months.