Bundlr - grouping online content of specific subjects and sharing them

Bundlr – grouping online content of specific subjects and sharing them

At the end of last February, we already made a preview of what Bundlr would be, an interesting social tool focused on the creation and sharing of thematic online content packages with the possibility of collaborations with other users. In other words, Bundlr allow us collect those content available on the web on a specific topic that interests us, being able to group and share it, alone or with the help of other users. When we refer to content available on the web, we refer not only to texts, but also to images, presentations, tweets, and any other type of content possible, supporting a series of services such as Vimeo, Flickr, Scribd, among others. Once the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčwhat Bundlr offers us has been clarified, it must be indicated that from now on, any user who wishes to do so, can access to create an account starting from their Twitter or Facebook account. The first thing to keep in mind is that we must install the bookmarklet in our web browser, without which we will not be able to continue, since we will need it to add the different clips. Once we have our bundlrs, we can share and integrate them in other websites thanks to the code that they provide us. We can also search for other bundles made by other users, and even if we find them, we can add them to favorites. It is therefore an interesting tool that, as we said at the time, in the educational environment can be very useful, although I would say that in any field it can be very useful, such as the generation of samples of home designs, works by any author in specific, entertainment venues in an area or whatever we can think of, the limitation will be ours, since we can create bundlrs unlimited.