, social platform for purchases and sales, social platform for purchases and sales

And within the list of services for the purchase / sale of goods and services between individuals, comes Buzzmart, a new platform in which, unlike the rest, it focuses on the social component. In this way Buzzmart could be defined as a social network focused on the purchase / sale of goods and services between individuals.

Users can create their networks of friends and establish contact through their own personal profiles, where they can also leave comments and see the products listed for sale.

For the rest, and as in any other buying / selling platform, users can search for products or access them through the different categories, to acquire them according to the conditions established by the seller users. Sellers, for their part, must buy credits to put their products up for sale under a series of conditions to be defined within the steps to be carried out.

Any user can be a buyer and seller, and in the latter case, also receive feedback from buyers so that the evaluations of said feedback serve to know the reliability of the same for future buyers.