Calchas allows you to have the list of contacts with whom you call the most [Android]

It is interesting to see that the new features that are being included in Android are carried through third-party applications to other mobile devices on the same platform for those who cannot enjoy them as standard because they have lower versions. In this sense, we entered Calchas, a free application for Android 2.2+ devices that allows access to the contact list, with the particularity that it also allows access to the contacts with whom you are called most regularly, in a way that that it is not necessary to look for them throughout the list, with the consequent saving of time.

The same application is responsible for performing the corresponding monitoring, and in addition, it also allows calls to be made without having to leave it. To take into account about Calchas, it works independently from the rest of the applications, with which it can rather complement the predetermined calls and contacts applications in the terminals, although Calchas already offers direct access to the calls application. from the application itself, as we have said before.

Users have in their power the possibility of establishing, through the configuration, the parameters of the contact suggestions, being able to choose between five to eight or rather all the contacts, where in addition, they will be able to show them through the different classification forms available in it.

Regarding the interface, it is too simple and not very elegant, not following Holo’s visual lines, so in this sense, it is not visually consistent with the rest of the system’s applications that do respect and make use of the Holo visual line.

Link: Calchas | You go: AddictiveTips