callbytext - Use Skype from your mobile, no need to have Skype

callbytext – Use Skype from your mobile, no need to have Skype

Those of us who have a telephone that allows the installation of Skype, we do not have to worry about making international calls, since Skype’s rates are infinitely lower than if we use the traditional system. The problem is when we have a telephone that only makes calls or sends messages, or when we do not have access to the Internet … that is why the company offers a very interesting service with which we can use our Skype account from any device, as long as when you can send text messages. The procedure is simple. After registering our number and our Skype account, we will have to send an SMS with the information of the phone we want to call. Minutes later we will receive the call, which will be charged directly to our Skype account, using their rates. Internally callbytext uses Skype to connect the two ends, although it is somewhat invisible to the end user. At the moment the service is free, and there is an application for iPhone (the Android application is being developed) to facilitate the process (although, as we have mentioned, the objective is to allow those who cannot install it on their phones to enjoy Skype rates. ).