PayPal tarjeta de crédito

Can PayPal be used without a credit card?

It is no secret to anyone that PayPal is positioned as the best online payment option worldwide. Undoubtedly, this electronic alternative for sending and receiving currency allows you to pay and buy products and services in a matter of seconds and with the greatest security available. As it is a platform with millions of transactions per day, it is increasingly the people who join in using it, therefore having questions and unknowns related to its operation.

A while back we answered concerns regarding PayPal's refund time. And now, this time we will focus on one of the most frequently asked questions: know if the platform can be used without a credit card. Surely you have done it to yourself, so today you can get out of doubt and know the answer to the question.

The answer: yes you can use PayPal without a credit card

Personally, I also had this question the day I created my PayPal account. Not having a credit card, I thought there would be some kind of rebound or rejection that would slow down the process of creating my account. Although it is true that when creating the account you are asked to enter the details of a bank account or credit card, you can skip this step and not save personal account data.

With just having some personal data and your email you can receive and make transactions without having to involve bank accounts. Many users do not see it as necessary unless they want to withdraw the cash (not valid for Venezuela, for example). In my case I do not have a credit card, but I did not need to make any transaction through this electronic payment platform.

My opinion is that you assess your needs. If you don't have a credit card, you can use PayPal in an excellent way. Now, if you are going to use this platform to make purchases and withdraw money at an ATM, it is better that you decide to write down the details of it. In this case, it is one of the best digital options that prioritizes security in each transaction.