Canon launches camera with an ISO 4,000,000

There are many night vision cameras, but most of them use infrared. What Canon is launching now is a camera with an impressively high ISO, so that it is possible to record and capture in the dark generating truly spectacular images, seeing much better than the human eye itself.

The MH20F-SH has a sensor of only 2.26 megapixels, but each one of them is huge, 19 microns, as we read in the note (mobile phones practically never exceed 2 microns). That way, much more light is captured, allowing for better photos with less exposure time.

An ISO of 4 million, that is what they achieve, allowing to record in normal colors a 1080p video in 24, 30 or 60 fps.

They publish in the note a video showing the possibilities of this technology, a video created in 2013, when it was still being developed, but they do not show anything advertising for a rather sad reason: it is not available to most consumers, it costs about 30,000 dollars and sell for commercial use only as of December of this year.

Apparently the objective is that they use it to make documentaries, night surveillance and others, although it is clear that over time they will be able to reduce the price and, who knows, put such a sensor inside the phones and cameras of the future.