Canva launches its business version with Canva for Work

We have already spoken on many occasions about Canva, the Sydney-based platform, which offers a series of resources for graphic design professionals.

Recently, the platform has reached four million registered users and 30 million designs created, where four million of these designs have been created in the past month. With these numbers in mind, the platform now addresses the needs in the business world with the launch of Canva for Work, which combines the main characteristics of Canva together with other specific ones aimed at organizations and companies of any size, as indicated from TechCrunch.

Specific features include the ability to save and share a branding kit containing both the logo and the color palette of the company's visual identity, the Team Stream feature for sharing designs with other company members. company to receive comments or derived designs, possibility to configure pre-made templates in different file formats for use by different departments, or even the Magic Resize function, which allows you to automatically adapt the same design to the sizes of the different visual spaces of the pages in each social network, among others.

Canva for Work costs $ 9.95 per month per user on an annual subscription or $ 12.95 per user if the subscription is monthly. It is a business approach to Canva's main service, which allows its use by companies of any size, from small to large, where in its beta phase, it has received thousands of requests from companies of any size interested in this product.