Channel2rssbot, to generate RSS and ATOM addresses of channels in Telegram

Organizations and groups of all kinds can bet on Telegram to hold their conversations on this messaging platform instead of the popular WhatApp, being able to create groups, supergroups, and even channels. Well, for those who have created their channels and want to give more relevance to their publications outside Telegram, from Qwasap they have created the Channel2rssBot bot.

Its mission is to create an RSS and an ATOM address to read the contents published in a channel through different tools such as Feedly, Inoreader and the like, and even to give it other uses, such as creating Applets in IFTTT, using services to parse these addresses to display the contents in a widget integrated into a website, etc.Its operation is simple, since you will only have to add the Channel2rssBot bot as the new channel administrator, who will be in charge of generating the aforementioned addresses starting from the first publication made on the channel.

The format of the RSS and ATOM addresses is as follows:


In this way, if our channel counts as my channel alias, then the RSS address will become Note that the bot only works for channels created in Telegram.

In this way, those who want to take the content they publish on their Telegram channels off the platform, and thereby try to attract more users to it, Channel2rssBot is an interesting option to consider.