chatra, an elegant way to show a chat on your website

If you need to establish a fast and effective communication channel with your web visitors, take a look at

It is a chat application for websites, with a free version, that we can install in a few minutes, customizing the welcome message and offering a fairly complete administration section.

After registration, it is necessary to include a script in the header of the pages where said chat will be present, as well as specify the position of the chat (always at the bottom). We can indicate the language of the platform (it is not in Spanish), but the message that appears for visitors can be written in any language.

From the administration section, we activate alerts to notify us when there is a new chat, we see pending conversations, we record the data of each user, we indicate whether we are online or not, showing a form so that customers can send messages that will be collected later … quite complete, although there are texts that cannot be changed, so a translation of the platform is necessary to leave the product round.

It is striking that we can see what the visitor is typing before they press send, an option that can be disabled at any time. It is also impressive how complete the free version is, which allows up to five people attending the chat at the same time.

They also include a mobile version, so we can respond to chats as if it were a WhatsApp, as well as an app for Windows and Mac.