Imagen: BriYYZ, de Flickr.

China will end the ban on marketing consoles in the country

Image: BriYYZ, from Flickr.

As we have been able to read in The Wall Street Journal, the Chinese Ministry of Culture has ended a ban of around fifteen years that prevents the main manufacturers of video game consoles from selling their products in the country. Now, thanks to this new measure, Companies like Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft will be able to start selling their consoles in China without any kind of restriction.

The ban on the sale of consoles came into force in 2000, when the competent authorities decided that it was best to prevent their use given the belief that they could cause developmental problems in the smallest. About a year ago, China eased the ban by allowing console manufacturers to market their devices in a small free-trade area of ​​Shanghai. Even so, this was still a huge brake on the main manufacturers of video game consoles. That is why this new measure is excellent news for both companies and citizens of China. On the one hand, For game console manufacturers, a huge new market of potential users opens up, while on the other, the citizens of the country will be able to start enjoying consoles of the popularity of PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Wii U, since until now they were limited to playing on computers, the Internet or mobile devices.

Source: The Wall Street Journal.