Imagen: BriYYZ, de Flickr.

Chinese factory replaces 90% of its workforce with robots and production increases

Image: BriYYZ, from Flickr.

For years we have been hearing about what would happen if robots began to replace people in their jobs, something that great personalities in the technological world such as Bill Gates have already spoken about on occasion. Although it may seem like something that could happen in a few years, it is already happening in China. We are talking about Dongguan City, a city located in the center of Guangdong province.

Specifically, The Changying Precision Technology Company factory has recently replaced 90% of its workforce with robots: This technology company has gone from having 650 human workers in the factory to just 60. And not only that, but the company hopes to further reduce the number of workers to 20 in the near future. To do this, the factory has automated its production lines, which now use robotic arms to produce smartphone parts. In addition, the machining equipment has also been automated, and the trucks that transport the products are autonomous. But the most surprising thing about this strategy is the results, since the company claims that production has been increased and the number of failures and errors reduced. In fact, the factory robots have managed to produce about three times more parts than human workers in the same period of time, going from 8,000 pieces to 21,000 (a growth of 162.5%). In addition, the quality of production has also been increased: whereas before the robots the failure rate was 25%, it is now below 5%.

Undoubtedly, we are facing an interesting movement that, despite generating controversy, could begin to become a trend in a few years.