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Chrome 45 Beta allows you to view and control downloads from the notification bar

The Chrome download bar has been in need of a face-lift for a while, since it takes up too much space -if there are not multiple simultaneous downloads as desired-, then, to give it efficiency, it is necessary to resort to extensions such as Download Notifier that allow you to dispense with such bar and be aware of the progress of downloads from the system notification bar.

Well, they point out in the gHacks portal that there is already an experimental function (or Chrome Flag) to activate a similar feature without having to install any extensions. It works on the latest test versions of Chrome, in fact, since Chrome 45 Beta for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS it works fine.

The practicality of the new tool is that, in addition to emulating that of bringing the download status to the notification bar along with buttons to open the files as soon as they are downloaded with an access to show the folder in which they are hosted- , includes controls to pause, resume or cancel them.

Anyway, to activate such a function you just have to open a new tab in Chrome, go to chrome: // flags / # enable-download-notification, enable the function Download status in the Notification Center and restart the browser with the button that appears at the bottom of that page of experimental functions.

With that, it will be enough for the usual bar to disappear and be replaced by the efficient notification space of the operating system.

Again, it only works on Chrome 45 beta and later versions, otherwise it will hardly appear that it is Chrome compatible for Chrome OS. Of course, it wouldn't surprise you to see him in the final version of Chrome 45.