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Chrome extension to control Spotify web player with keyboard shortcuts

Spotify Web Player Hotkeys It is a simple extension for Google Chrome that makes it possible to control the playback, with keyboard shortcuts, of the music that we are listening to on Spotify from its web version ( Although the elegant design of Spotify makes it easier for us to manage all our music albums in an extraordinary way, it is not superfluous to recommend a productive way to handle it even when you are in another browser tab or simply without using the mouse to find the respective usual controls.

The extension is recommended in OMGChrome and is not the only one of its kind because advanced plugins like Musicality Music Player which by the way works with multiple music services – they also take advantage of all the capabilities of having a player that is invoked in an instant or keyboard shortcuts from any moment in our navigation. However, Spotify Web Player Hotkeys It draws attention for its simplicity, because it does only one thing but does it well.

Anyway, what the extension will do after being installed will be to enable three unique keyboard shortcuts to control the music: Alt + Shift + Point to go to the next song in the queue, Alt + Shift + Comma to return to the previous song, and Alt + Shift + P to give Play or Stop. That’s it, it can be configured with custom keyboard shortcuts from the respective section in the Chrome extensions space.

For the latter, go to the main Chrome menu, tap More tools and go to Extensions (or just go to chrome: // extensions in the browser URL bar). At the bottom you will see a button titled Key combinations, click on it and in the displayed pop-up window, define your new shortcuts.

Link: Spotify Web Player Hotkeys in the Chrome web store