Chrome extensions for YouTube, Google Calendar and clipboard

Chrome extensions for YouTube, Google Calendar and clipboard

Three new extensions developed by Google itself have just been announced on the official Google Chrome blog:

Google Calendar

Add a button in our navigation bar so that we can easily access the events that we have saved in our calendar. If we are on sites like Facebook, we can use the button to add events to our agenda, since the button shows a green symbol + when there are events on the page that can be detected and added with a simple click.

In fact the extension detects events anywhere that uses the hCalendar microformat or derivatives, such as hResume.


This extension allows us to save any text or HTML content in your Google Web Clipboard. If we use Google Docs web Clipboard we can access the data from any Google application.

By clicking on the button we can quickly see all the texts saved on the clipboard, allowing you to copy the selected one to any website.

Youtube Feed

This extension alerts us when there are new videos available on our YouTube home page (material uploaded by our friends, marked as favorites, commented, etc.)

Ideal for those who are subscribed to several channels and do not want to miss any news.