Google Chrome

Chrome for Android allows you to open links without leaving the web page

Google Chrome is adding a new option in Android that allows you to interact with different pages without losing sight of the current tab.

An option that makes it easier to review content on different web pages from your mobile.

New option to view links from Chrome on Android

This new option that we find in the contextual menu allows us to access the links that are included in a website without having to open another page. It is an interesting option, as it offers more than just giving us a preview of the content that is included in the link, and at the same time, it saves us the hassle of dealing with multiple pages simultaneously.

If you already have the latest version of the Chrome browser you can try this new dynamic. Just click on the link you find on a page to activate the Chrome context menu. And as you see in the image, select the option Review pages.

You will see that a new overlapping window automatically opens, without occupying the entire browser page, so that you do not lose sight of the content you are reading. You can scroll through the content just as you do in any open tab, and even browse the web from that same page.

And when you have already reviewed the information, just move the tab to the bottom to delete it. And of course, you will still have the original page open. Simple as that.

This will allow you to consult all the links or references that are included in a page without having to deal with multiple open pages or having to reopen the original content. And if you want to change the page, and continue reading in the content that the link shows you, you just have to select the option to expand the window.

And an interesting detail is that all the windows that you maximize from links are automatically grouped with the original page.