Google Chrome

Chrome will discard less interesting tabs to improve memory management

It is likely that users of Google Chrome have sometimes had memory problems with the browser, especially if you tend to have a large number of tabs open at once. As we have read in a statement published on Google+ by Franois Beaufort (a well-known Google employee), the company is working on a new way to improve the memory management of the browser.

Specifically, Google is working on a function that would allow the browser to discard the least interesting tabs when the computer has little available memory. Thanks to this, we avoid the dreaded blockages that can occur when the number of open tabs is high. Of course, Chrome does not close the tabs it deems less interesting. Simply will have to be loaded again when we click on one of them. This new feature is currently available in the latest versions of Chromium (the developer version of Google Chrome) for Windows and Mac. To start using it, You have to activate the Tab discarding option in chrome: // flags / # enable-tab-discarding. As for the Linux version, Google is working on it.

As a curiosity, it should be noted that this feature is currently used in Chrome OS, Google's operating system. Without a doubt, we are facing an improvement that could be quite interesting for the most intensive users of Google Chrome.

Source: Franois Beaufort.