Classeur, an elegant text editor with Markdown as the protagonist

Markdown, which was born with the hope of becoming an alternative to HTML, but which changed its concept to simply format text without needing to know anything about how to program for the web, allows us to write at high speed without having to have to constantly stop to put bold, italics and other details aesthetically necessary.

Using two asterisks to put a word in bold, one for italics, # for headings and many other tricks, offers the possibility of formatting without having to touch the mouse, which for many is a great advantage.

There are many editors who use Markdown, but today we present an especially attractive one:

This is a project that helps us write in a web editor using both markdown and a mouse editor located at the top of our text. The idea is that it can be adapted for both types of public, always with the option of seeing the result in real time to verify that we are giving the appropriate format.

Classeur allows editing between several people within the same text (although only in the non-free plan), and is capable of exporting the result on various blog platforms, so we can use it to write to the same sites where we currently write.

It is fast, simple and quite minimalist, ideal also for those who are learning to write using this technique when formatting content.