Mascarillas transparentes Leaf

Clear, flexible and highly efficient masks that are a hit on Indiegogo

We have had to live in a moment of life that has made the use of masks mandatory to protect ourselves and others, thus trying to reduce the chances of infection by Covid-19.

But the masks are not comfortable, and less in times of heat, although luckily, solutions are coming that make the use of masks more bearable. A clear example of this has just been found in Indiegogo, where the Redcliffe Healthcare company is raising crowdfunding for its LEAF masks And with 3 days remaining until the end of the campaign, it is far exceeding the financing goal by more than a thousand percent.

And it is not for less, since they are about transparent and flexible masks, made with recyclable materials, which also have high efficiency air filters through their proprietary cartridges, and they even have a anti-fog coating.

In addition, there are three variants: Leaf HEPA, Leaf UV and Leaf Pro, where in turn there are different size variants, and the best thing is that the company is willing to carry out shipping worldwide between the months of July, August and September, depending on the rewards that are chosen.

Leaf HEPA is the most basic and most affordable version, featuring only the highest protection air filtration, N99 +. The most curious thing comes with the superior variants. In the case of Leaf UV, has UV-C light sterilization, in addition to having an activated carbon filter, while the superior variant, Leaf Pro also has ventilation control through a complementary application for Android and iOS, in addition to detecting metabolism with the equivalent of CO2 and detecting air quality.

In addition, the top two variants feature high-performance hydrophobic and antimicrobial permanent coating, and Leaf Pro also allows customization through color kits.

Sounds interesting right? Well, as we say, there are three more days of campaigns left, all the rewards are still available, at somewhat lower prices than they will be once they officially hit the market.

The cheapest option is the Leaf Hepa pack, which has a price of about 44 euros, 19% less than the price that will have later, being the most demanded option among the sponsors of the campaign.

As always, all the details are available on the campaign website for all those who want to go deeper into this product.